Staff Professional Development

credit: "UM Bell Tower" by andrewfhart is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Virtual professional education opportunities:

  • Small, personal networking events

  • Information about joining communities of practice

  • DEI engagement

  • Practical training to use now and in the future

  • Crisis fatigue support

Winter 2021

The Michigan Engineering Organizational Development team is excited to bring staff together virtually for community building and social learning opportunities this fall.


We understand that staff needs have changed since last year’s staff development calendar. Pressures are different on employees and their families. All offerings will be online to ensure health and safety. Workshops will be shorter, focused on wellness, and will encourage the attendees to practice methods learned in workshops in new ways.

Courses this semester will be tailored to staff priorities during this time, such as remaining positive and productive with increased challenges to work-life balance, combatting Zoom fatigue, processing grief or loss of normalcy, and creating community in a mixed (in-person and remote) environment.

You will notice our offerings do not focus as much on tactical, business skills training as they have in the past. You can find alternative personal enrichment activities through LinkedIn Learning, Organizational Learning, or communities of practice.

Finding Purpose

Take a look at the staff engagement calendar and register for a class to further your growth in the “new abnormal.” We are always looking for feedback or suggestions to address staff interests. We plan to add two “The Coach is In” sessions in October and November after they were so well received in the late summer.

Some habits may have changed, but our goals have not. The Organizational Development team continues to serve the interests of all Michigan Engineering staff, to help our campus move forward.