One of two things is almost certain in today's work world: either your job will change, or you will change jobs. As such, continuous professional development at any stage in a career is a sound investment. Learning can expand our network, grow our business and technical skills, help to deepen an understanding of ourselves and others, and develop a leadership and management toolbelt all of which positively impact an organization's culture.

Michigan Engineering's Leadership, Organizational & Professional Development team focuses on high-quality and timely learning opportunities. Whether online and self-paced, in person or via Zoom, the content will focus on the areas of business/technical, leadership/personal, networking, or DEI.

Each month Michigan Engineering staff receive an email that highlights the next month’s learning opportunities with an indication of which Performance Categories a session will focus on. There is also a spotlight on other sessions from other Michigan Engineering departments like our partners in Organizational Learning, FASCCO, and the online learning platform-LinkedIn Learning. 

We make it easy to register for our sessions with an RSVP link in the email and on the Staff Development Calendar. Session attendance data e.g. name and session title along with headcount is recorded for annual reports, strategic planning, and so supervisors have a general idea of what staff are engaging with.

A global pandemic altered where or how we learn, and did not dampen a desire TO learn. The Michigan Engineering Organizational & Professional Development team will continue to adapt and adjust to meet the needs and interests of our talented, dedicated staff. For more information, please see the Staff Development Guiding Principles.

Our people ARE our future